Things We Make

The Big Pedal is a national event for schools run by Sustrans and funded by the Bike Hub.

We designed and built the website and online system for running and administrating the event, collecting data, calculating live results, and generating reports.

Run during March this year, the event generated over 600,000 journeys to school by bike in just 3 weeks – that’s an average of 40,000 people cycling to school every day! We’re proud to have been involved with a project that encouraged so many people to get out into the fresh air, and get some exercise on the way to school.

Things for Geeks

Really Simple Slideshow is a jQuery plugin for creating image slideshows.

If your visitors don’t view all of the images in your slideshow at once, why load them all at the same time? This lightweight plugin lazy-loads your images dynamically, as and when they're required. You can see it action on this page, where we use it to handle the fading images.

Since launch, we’ve had a great response from other developers who are using the plugin, and have worked with them to add numerous additional features, making it more flexible and providing a more comprehensive API.

Things That Inspire Us